Australian camp in Nepal – gift from real adventurers.

What is ‘Australian’ camp doing in ‘Nepal’ ?

Many a times local dialect corrupts foreign words to suit the convenience of local tongue. I though Australia camp was result of one such corruption of some foreign word. But no. As I googled I discovered it is actually ‘Australia’ and its atop a hill deep in villages of Pokhara, Nepal.

As the story goes, a bunch of Australians 60-70 years ago hiked their way up the mountain in Nepal and discovered this plateau where they camped.  I guess once they went back the news spread by word of mouth and it turned into a popular camping site

These days Australia Camp trek is one of the shortest and easiest treks that one can take from Pokhara. Some don;t even consider it a trek.

What baffles me is how the hell did those first bunch of Australians, who live on a gigantic island halfway around the world convinced themselves to climb up a dense mountain in Nepal and camp at a plateau.

But this not a lone example. I saw many places over Indian and Nepal that have been discovered by foreigners and then became popular worldwide. Leh-Ladakh, Arambol, Kasol –  Tosh – Malana, Hampi to name a few.

What is this ‘Australian Camp’ after-all ?

So its a plateau atop a hill, near Dhampus Village after a steep climb up the mountains in Pokhara, Nepal. There are a couple of resorts with lush gardens, hot piping food and cozy rooms. Wifi is theoretically available but practically they shut it down because of lightening hazards.


Why should I go there ?

To the see the sun set and sun rise. It is worth it, hands down. On a clear day one gets a beautiful view of all the peaks of Annapurna mountain range. Fish tail is the most recognizable and popular one. Also its a great occasion for revelry around a camp fire with song and dance from many nationalities. One can also see hand-loom cloth being manufactured the old fashioned way, by families who have put generations in fine tuning the art. Its also a perfect place to enjoy some recreational herbs I think.

The nitty gritty :

  • How to reach by public transport : if you’re staying at Lake side, in Pokhara then you will have to take a bus to zero mile stop. From there another bus to Phedi village. From there a bus/cab to the base of Dhampus village. Then it’s a climb of about an hour or two.
  • Where to stay : There are five resorts/ lodges at the camp site. The charges are more or less non negotiable at approx rs.500 Nepali for staying per night. the food is similarly priced and they make it a compulsion to eat at where you’re staying or else pay double the charges for room. They can be rude enough to be violent and throw you out of campsite if you try to question the compulsion, I can tell from personal experience.
  • How may days are enough : If you only want to see the sunset and sunrise, like I did then just one night is enough. Otherwise one can go further up to Sarangkot for better views and treks.



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