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A very happy World Environment Day !!! (belated)

I would think twice before calling myself belonging to the ‘most intelligent species’ on the planet looking at the pollution (made by us) jamming all our five senses. It should rather be the ‘most spoilt brat species’ on the planet.

Hazar bar dekho !

It is intriguing the way the magic of the dawn and dusk never ever fails to capture a photographers imagination. I wonder how come, such an every day phenomenon we have seen a million times since our birth still captivates us to such a great extent.

Japaloupe equestrian games 2011.

On the 12th of Feb. 2011 the Japloupe equestrian centre. celebrated its annual games for this year. It was a three day event involving beginner, amateur and professional riders alike. The place is situated in talegaon, near pune, maharashtra, india

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