It was the first time that I attended the Sunday activity of ‘Mumbai Weekend Shootout’ a local photography club. I am really glad that I could make it, and was surprised to see such an enthusiastic response on a HOT Sunday morning. The local park where we had gathered didn’t have much to offer. Beautification of public places is probably a goal in some distant future of the country. But the cheer of the people had set the cynic in me packing and away for the day. It was time to absorb the colors of the summer flowers and to make the place worthwhile through your lens was an exciting challenge. We were a gathering of so many photographers that every ant and crow, rose and cherry, even the shrubs and cacti would have felt like a celebrity! I was happy to see people cut across so many diverse backgrounds and age brackets gel effortlessly among each other.

All in all it was a super beginning to the weekend with new friends, vibrant pictures and memories to share. Thanks to the organizers for all the time and effort they put in. All the very best.

P.S. my stomach was literally chock=a=block !

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