Chasing Clouds.

My fascination with cloudscapes goes way back, before I realized what the words camera, photography, landscape, exposure stops and shutter speed meant. Even before what watercolors, oil on canvas, acrylic and crayons meant. To the time when  mass of water particles in air meant more than home work, milk, early sleep and shining shoes.

I still feel my emotions turn watching the theater of the sky. The eeriness of grey clouds, the jubilance of fluffy summer skies, the drama of fast pacing stormy clouds, the obscure mysterious veil of the morning fog. I would be ecstatic at my trips to hill stations like Matheran when my dad would say that we are walking through clouds, and after I walk out he would show me the cloud we just came through.

Clouds have also been the subject of art since long. The full moon hiding behind a thick curtain of evil black cloud is parallel with a bad twist in the following tale. We have grown seeing flowing clouds, fighting clouds and fluffy clouds on Windows logos for a long time.

p.s. at times I feel like gulping down one whole big candy floss of pure white cloud in one go!!

Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_01 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_02 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_03 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_04 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_05 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_06 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_07 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_08 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_09 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_10 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_11 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_12 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_13 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_14 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_15 Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_16

IMG_1968 copy Cloudscapes_vishal tomar_17

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