Portfolio jan 2011 – Glitterati ‘ 11

Hi folks, hope you had a great start this year. Here is presenting the pictures from my latest project, The Glitterati 2011 fashion show portfolios. I happen to be invited by a friend of ours to a college/university in Mumbai which goes by the Narseee Munji Institute of Management Studies. The idea was to click portfolio pictures of all the shortlisted students/models for the event that year. Since i happen to be a friend, it was a very smoothly arranged exercise for me. I got to shoot a lot of new faces and people and got their portfolio made.

Technically, it was a great learning experience and a tiring one too. i got a peek into the professional world of fashion photography and, boy it is not at all like it seems from the outside.It is a daunting task finish the shoot in the stipulated amount of time and budget and deliver results, all within a deadline. i was drained by the end of the day.

The light setup for this one was fairly simple. It was use of lots on available light plus built-in camera flash plus a 42 inch Gold/Sliver reflector in various permutations and combination. The theme for post processing had to loud and vibrant as it was a young collegiate event. Hence most of the pictures have been heavily worked upon, though some have been kept nascent, in accordance with the mood and merits of the photo and event.

So, as always, comments and critique are invited and yeah..all content is strictly copy righted to me..respect privacy of me and the models.

thank you.

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