Not long before I remember gladly watching the the T.V. and unfurling the flag on two days of the year. I used to feel special and glad about the whole country being painted with the tri-color. But then, primary education ended, the ‘Civics’ text book took a back seat in some remote corner of my memory, left to wither in solitary confinement. By this time I had also understood the meanings of the terms corruption, politician,inflation,land mafia, diesel mafia, terrorism, scandals, bomb blasts, reservation, Right To Information, etc etc…..cut to today, when in the backdrop of violence and unrest I fail to realize the ‘happy’ and ‘independence’ angle of the whole ‘happy independence day’ celebration.

when I think over it, I can only share happiness today with Indias citizens who have  been bearing the grind for so many years. With its soldiers who still believe in dedicating their lives for the country. With a few people who are taking the heat head on. With the few people in the govt. machinery who are still trying to keep the extinct species of honesty alive..

my words fail me now. The independence from the evils of corruption and violence would actually be a worth celebrating occasion.

This is a song by a band called the “Indian Ocean” which beautifully presents the topsy turvy state of affairs in this country :

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