August 21, 2016 73302 PM GMT+0530

You pick up strange words and phrases as you travel from one place to the other. Asia, and India in specific has abundance of languages, dialects and words.

Here is one such phrase I learnt while traveling up north and it got stuck with me:

“Kutte fail ho gaye”. I laughed my guts out hearing that for the first time.

before you roll your eyes or laugh, it is a real phrase. I’m not making this up. It means to loose senses beyond ones control. For example getting drunk, or being overly excited and happy, ecstatic, over joyous.

like : ” aaj toh bahu daaru pe li bhai ne, aaj toh kutte fail ho gaye”

The phrase literally refers to bicycle brakes failing. Bicycle brakes make this screeching sound, hence sometimes referred to as “kutte” or dogs.

So now you know a new word. Go out, let your dogs fail you, ha ha .


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