Lets celebrate Vijayadashami

Time to walk past the injustice.

Happy dussehra folks.

Dussehra  is a festival of celebrating the victory good over evil. Mythology goes that lord Rama defeated an (equally powerful and hardworking) enemy asura Ravana, and in that remembrance is the festival of Dussehra rooted till date.

The story is good, inspiring. So far I havn’t heard of a concrete proof that lord Rama or Ravana actually ever existed. Like we know Harrappa and Mohen-jo-daro did, and so did the Egyptians and the Mauryas and so on. Still majority of the people around the world take it for granted, obediently.

So, lets take advantage of what that we actually have. The “idea” of celebrating  “victory of good over evil”. How can it help us today. We spend insane money and time on rituals, gifts, and sacrifices, war and blood, for God almighty. But we never get the take home message. The festivals actually offer us solutions and commandments to make lives better. We “celebrate” and then cry over the present day situations of inflation, corruption, crime, terrorism.

Now, if you look at act of celebrating good over evil, it almost makes me laugh. The evil, read as corruption, pollution, injustice, terrorism is flourishing like never before. And on the other hand, like we never question godly things, we never question the people responsible for it either. It is as if we have taken it for granted. The power cuts, rising prices, poverty and bomb blasts are equivalent to floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and the untimely rain exactly when you forgot the umbrella. There’s not much we can do about it. So why do we celebrate today’s day in the first place ? we have become like lab-rats running in a wheel. The more we are pinched, faster we run, but never realize that we have sharp teeth that can bit and kill as well..! fight, if at all we do is amongst ourselves, over limited opportunities, never against the authorities drowning in luxury, tightening the knot every time over us for their amusement.

Many would say that it is an offense to think and question gods and their festivals. Fine, do the gana- bajana routine by all means and have fun. Only don’t associate the heroism of a victorious act over it anymore. That’s not happening, never will unless, we the people wake up and give it back in their  face. Once the party of symbolic victory is over, very next moment we would be back to petty quarrels, cribbing and whining, greasing palms, spitting the side-walks, stealing, reserving casts and sub-casts, and so on and so forth. Ohh yes, and not forget the “hope” called “vote” and “election”. More fake that any of the reality shows on T.V. these days, and the little money that can buy the ‘leaders’ our support

I also learnt from Wikipedia the 10 things we should try get rid of, every Vijaydashmi :

Kama vasana (Lust)
Krodha (Anger)
Moha (delusion)
Lobha (Greed)
Mada (Over Pride)
Matsara (Jealousy)
Manas (Mind)
Buddhi (Intellect)
Chitta (will)
Ahankara (Ego).

Time to loose hope and get things done, I guess..hmm ?

Aahh..bitter thoughts on a holiday…hate it, but cant help it..

Have a super day,

Happy dussehra once again

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