Hey guys hope you have already started enjoying the rains this season. Its time to escape work, fasten your seat belts, pack some tantalizing snack and head for the weekend. Oh yes, don’t forget your camera and the rain gear.

This was my first street shoot in Mumbai with the gang of Mumbai Weekend Shoot the local photography club. It is always a pleasure to meet such a wide spectrum of people enjoying a cool activity on a rainy Sunday morning. Besides, shooting streets happens to be one of my favorite genres of photography. It is only recently that I have started shooting streets in Mumbai. I must say that street photography is more about tactfulness and communication with people than about the f-stops and shutter speeds. I don’t know about other countries, but here in Mumbai, things can go really ugly with photographers shooting strangers on the street. Educated people have a phobia of their pictures being morphed and uploaded in unwanted places, and the common man fears that you are a crime reporter, a cop, or a rich ‘saheb’ making fun of their poverty and helplessness. So you have to make sure you can tackle the crowd and to top it all, may have to grease the petty constable of police too, at the worst.

All said, I was waiting to join the group and shoot with them so that it serves as an ice-breaker for me and I get to know the ground rules at the same time enjoying the safety of the group of friends. Surprisingly, nothing wrong happened. The people are generally good. Most of the time, an eye contact, smile and a nod works well. Don’t get surprised if people actually call you to click their photographs and pose in the middle of the road !

It was fun morning full of colorful flowers, lots of activity, hustle bustle all around. Thankfully it didn’t rain and the sunlight had mercy upon us. Initially the crowd, the activity, the noise, the drizzle, the mud-puddles, your gear becomes quite a lot to manage in one go. But if you stop, relax with a cup of tea by the roadside and observe the surroundings, the activities closely, it becomes easy to absorb the atmosphere and loosen up to shoot. A few warm-up clicks, chat with the local folks, random introductions, and before you would know, you would be changing one Memory card/film roll for the next, and next…..

Welcome to the Dadar Flower Market.

I love this pic for its totality. It conveys the mood of the place perfectly. Beautiful lights, candid expression, and an interesting environment around the gentleman.
The downpour of activity at six thirty in the morning. People are busy making a living and getting entertained by us, strange folks with cameras finding pleasure in their mundane activities.
Flower and the cold metal. Couldnt have been more symbolic of the mix of culture we witness here in Mumbai. This car is being decorated for the groom, perhaps a wedding today, later.
This happens to be another one of my fav. the expression on the gentleman's face is beyond description.Are you going buy flowers ? will you pay me ? too less, you kidding me ?..etc etc.
The flower seller lad. Such moments make street photogrpahy interesting than others. there is an instant connect between you and a stranger.
Meet the Bling-Daddy of the flower market..!!
This is one of those pictures when your gut and a 250mm gun come into play. The lady initially refused to be photogrpaphed, but I simply couldnt leave the place without her picture.

Thanks for dropping by, comments and critique invited.

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