After the severe disappointment of my road trip up north getting cancelled due to bad weather, geographically and politically I decided to visit some places around Maharashtra while meeting relatives and clicking pictures on the way. As it turns out, you can bomb and drown a traveler’s itenary, but can’t stop him from exploring, clicking and having fun. So here I was enjoying the lush greenery, fresh air, jaw dropping landscapes with home food and cheerful memories of folks I haven’t met for quiet a while.

I had also been collecting some camera gear which I put to the test lately. I indulged in using my smartphone (OnePlus One) to create some interesting time-lapse videos of the landscapes I came across. It was a steep learning curve in understanding what gear to carry while on the shoot and how to plan ahead, more of that sometime later.

Besides clicking pictures and traveling, the drive itself a meditative activity, I realized. Solo drives which I feared would be extremely boring and tiring turned out to be a stressbusting,  introspective activity if nothing more.The random stoppages for food, car breakdowns, photographing, and in the mean while making momentary friends is all what travel is all about.

Though it was a farcry from the perfect mountain peaks and valleys of the Himalayas, it was a de-stressing, carefree, much needed break for an otherwise immersed surgery resident.

hope you enjoy the post.


Igatpuri Ghats
Dighi, clicked by OnePLus
Dighi, clicked by OnePlus One
IMG_4137_8_9_tonemapped shrink
Nashik-Pune ghats
IMG_3916_7_8_tonemapped shrink
IMG_3909-IMG_3912 shrink
IMG_4199_200_201_tonemapped shrink
IMG_4256_7_8_tonemapped shrinj



IMG_4270_1_2_tonemapped shrink



Here is a compilation of many timelapse clips I recorded while wandering river to mountain in search of breath taking views near my residence, this monsoon.

The videos have been shot on android phone OnePlus One set on a regular tripod or a Gorilla-pod for convenience. Oneplus has a decent camera in daylight and a good battery life, both of which come in handy while shooting such videos.

Lapse it pro is an app which you may find useful for recording timelapse if the feature is not built into the camera, I found the built in feature better because you can record higher resolution videos, and exposure compensation is smoother.


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2 thoughts on “Monsoonscapes 2015 (and Happy World Photography Day :-)

  1. Magnificent!!! Love your work! absolutely!!! Love the use of dark filters for the added effect!
    Its difficult almost impossible to manage surgery residency AND photography!! Kudos!

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