Most ‘wasool’ cafe in Gokarna – Mahalaxmi Rooftop Cafe.

Gokarna has mastered and matured the “Susegad ” vibe that Goa gets credited for. Gokarna is chilled out even without partying till sunrise, slumbering till sun set and guzzling beer all the time in between. If Goa is a reckless teenager, Gokarna is a calm, seasoned player.

Photographers are worshipers of light. And the best light of the day shines at the beginning and end of day. Most of the time in between, I generally catchup on lost sleep and food, sometimes both.

This is when The Mahalaxmi Rooftop Café comes into picture. You can enjoy food as well as sleep at the same time, and open your eyes to a panoramic view of the beach and setting sun.

It is situated on the shore of ‘ Main Gokarna beach’. If you walk from Mahabaleshwar temple towards the beach, then just before auto rickshaw stand, you’ll find this cafe entrance to your left. I am being descriptive because it is easy to miss this one. (Just like most good things in life).

It is a family run restaurant. You can eat on the ground floor also if in a hurry, or climb up the roof top for a more relaxed, laid back experience.

The terrace is fairly big, with a few regular tables and chairs. Half of the terrace is floor seating with ample number of pillows and cushions lying around. Floor tables and thin mattresses to sit/ sleep on. They believe in maintaining peace, so will request you to speak softly and not play any music. Besides that, there is nothing to worry about.


The menu is mostly in two digit prices, which is rare these days. The recommendations of the staff is really helpful. They don’t speak much English or Hindi but know enough to take orders and ask related questions. I practically spent all of my noon and early evenings hiding from the sun, sipping ‘ lemon nana’ ( lemonade with lots of mint ) on hourly basis and enjoying the local food. I could literally see myself expanding from all the laziness combined with cheese roti sandwich.

The staff is super cooperative and does not bother you at all. They are very polite and hard working.

The food is tasty, piping hot and has some interesting fusions of local cuisine with everyday food from the cities.

So, all in all, The Mahalaxmi Rooftop Café gives you excellent homely roof with a view, some tasty offering to go with and still does not but a hole in your pocket. Sounds like a total “wasool” treat to me.

How was your Gokarna experience ? let me know in comments below.!


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