Of friend requests and portrait shoots.

It’s always fun to head out with your camera and rejoice in the golden light on a cool winterish morning . Its even cooler to do that for your friends who want to get their pictures clicked, more so as a memory they’d love to cherish later. So when I got such an opportunity I couldn’t say no and squeezed out time from an academic-heavy schedule for some wandering and being lost.People maketh places.
Here are a few pictures.

Thanks for dropping by..!file#49 jpg 1 final 1200 wmfile#66 jpg 1 final 1200 wmfile#70 final 1200 wmIMG_6981 no halo 1200IMG_6950 no halo 1200IMG_5864 shrink wmIMG_5902 shrinkIMG_5926 shrimk wmIMG_5938 shrink wmIMG_5942 shrink wmIMG_5947 shrink wmIMG_5958 shrink wm

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