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Found this woman praying in one of the temples of Gokul. Half my mind was busy enjoying the stark play of light, the image formed before me and how could I encase that in my camera. The other half of my mind was toying with the following :

Prayer is something I have always found intriguing. I do it too, mostly because I have been taught to. One should pray to thank the almighty as well as ask for help when losing hope.

Somehow its too selfish of a way to understand God. So, essentially He is some one who listens to your requests of earning more money, becoming more popular, getting higher grades and so on. Funny ain’t it. It’s like he has nothing more important planned for today than your menial askings. And we don’t stop there, we also offer him gifts for His services. Money, food, sacrifices of other animals (which were also put on this planet by Him, by the way)

What if praying was more of an exercise in self motivation. We pray to gain control over things we don’t understand. For example destiny, outcome, weather, life and death. What if praying only took the result anxiety off your shoulders, so that you focus more on performance and do better at it, which translates into better results. So was it really Someone pulling the strings so far, or was it just you improving yourself.

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