Rishikesh backpacking post #1 – Bunge Jumping

Rishikesh is synonymous with adventure sports in India. So I packed my bags and headed to taste some thrill for myself. I tought I was a tough nut braving the ice-cold rapids of Ganga with a smile, a couple of times.

But I did not know that I’ll be chewing on my words real soon.

So, as soon the bus dropped me off on the highway, completely un announced in winter chill of 7 am with my shoes in my hand, I was already off to and adventurous start.

I reached Zostel, my place of accommodation, after switching two auto rickshaw rides and few hundred meters of walking.

Dropping my bags in the dorm I wasted no time in hiring a scooter for myself and riding to the Jumpin Heights office that I had seen on my way. Jumpin heights is the only and oldest provider of Bungee jumping and some related adventure activities in Rishikesh. They recently completed their 50,000 jumps with zero reported casualties. (This fact will come in handy when you’re standing on the jumping board, trust me.)

It is a long ride of 15km taking almost an hour. The roads are bad to worse at some spots which adds to the travel time.

I had booked my slots and paid almost a week in advance. While leaving from Rishikesh, I had confirmed with the office that they had my name on the list for that particular day and time. I took a printed receipt from them and reached the jump site well in time.

As soon as you reach they make you fill a form which essentially says that you are doing bungee jumping on your own risk, and they have the consent to let them help you doing it. There is a list of ailments and medical conditions which should not be present if you wish to do bungee jumping. Don’t worry, there are safer, equally adventurous options like giant swing and flying fox for medically delicate people.

After form filling, you watch and introduction video which explains how the process is going to be. You will be given a token number and are expected to walk up to the juumping site which is a 10 min walk from the office.

So far it seems all fun and games.

As I approached the jump site I saw I was the third in line for the jump and had started to develop a tiny bit of nervousness and excitement. The people before me looked all happy and excited and with a little reluctance did jump confidently.

The it was my turn.

Eveything was hunky dory till they harnessed me and triple checked the whole contraption.

Then I was asked to walk  up to the ledge.

This is where all HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

As soon as I stand on the cliff, I feel the wind in my ears and habitually I look down.

Nothing could be scarier than that sight.

Below is a landing pad which is actually a whole bed, where yu will lie down after the jump, as the harness is removed. that bed looked like a match box from 83 mtrs of height.  There a whole river flowing underneath which looks like a small stream from here.

The problem is : You have to voluntarily jump.

No one is going to push you. ( Mind you, the money is already lost as soon as they put the harness on you, whether you jump or chicken out )

overcoming the anti suicidal tendency and convincing yourself to jump is where thrill lies. 

It took me a good few minutes before I could actually gather the nerve to jump. In my head there was a debate going on that ” heck, I don;t need to do this, I can always back out, no one’s watching, only some money will be lost” vs ” heck, will I really chicken out? what about the adventure within? give up after coming this far ?”

As a distraction, there is yellow cross mounted far away which I was advised to see while jumping. But trick was already wasted as I had seen the ground and experienced fear in full power.

So, after drenching myself in cold sweat, I finally did jump.

once you jump it’s all calm.

By the time I realised that i had finally done it, and was de- stressed to shout out loud of excitement, the free fall was already over.

I did feel great having done the jump finally.

But my adventure boasting bravado had taken a serious beating today.

Once the jump was over and I was de – harnessed I began my trek back to the office with my heart still racing.

They give you a complementary water bottle.

Also you get a jumping heights batch and certificate to flaunt and keep as a memory.

last thing is to see the video footage of your adventure/embarrassment and returning home.

Pro tip :

Save money by hiring your own scooter.

Don’t eat heavy before jump.

Book a week in advance.

Expense sheet : 

rs. 3550 for the jump.

rs. 750 for the video

rs. 100 for jumping site entry fee

rs. 400/day for scooter.

rs 300 pickup and drop by jumpin heights.



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