My notes on shooting on the streets….. (find the complete post under “behind the lens menu” above)

Visha Tomar_Street photos

So, what did I learn from shooting the streets?  Can you do it too? Here is a quick roundup:

  1. Stop being scared: Many people ask me that how do I walk up to complete strangers and ask them to click their pictures. The secret lies your eyes and your smile. Eye contact, a smile, a little bow of the head is the non verbal permission that works for me most of the time. We all want to be famous, known, admired. When you click someone’s picture, unless they are in a helpless situation, such that of pity (beggars, lepers, handicapped or such) people generally feel flattered, admired, important. So they are more than happy to welcome you. Works better than any pick up line ;-)……..Click here read more.

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