A perfect Sunday morning is meant to roll over and sleep. Wake up. Guzzle beer and breakfast, and sleep again. But then you always have some childhood prick in the a** friends who’ll spoil that, no regrets what so ever, and steal your beer too!

I had to drop one such fellow to the Pune railway station the other day and absent mindedly carried my camera along. The plan was to enjoy a photo walk in morning light at any place other than Mandai, since I’ve been there few times. Rasta peth ,Nana peth and Laxmi road sounded interesting. I’m not very well versed with Pune roads and while travelling through some small bylanes, then unaware of being near MG road, I observed some old cafés and colonial era buildings. Sun was already rising fast so I decided to explore this area a little more.


As serendipity would have it, I spent a great time strolling around Dasrur Meher Rd. and Sachipir Street. It was fascinating to see old colonial buildings with pointed, sloping roofs and elaborate carvings. I met some old folks who had interesting tid-bits about the history of the place. I hail from Bombay which is full of rich colonial buildings and monuments with interesting history attached to it. To find the same in Pune a Sunday morning photowalk was a pleasant surprise. Its fun to see the city bylanes wake up and get into activity right before your eyes. Wooden houses ,empty lanes, less noise, soft light, smiling people, and pictures I clicked made me unwind from the mundane life otherwise. You might also wander into the butcher/ meat market with your camera, like me but I’ll say it’s a bad idea. They could be hostile to you and your gear.


Rounding up :

  • Do have bun maska with chai at café Garden/ café Yezdan. Akuri (egg bhurji) with chapatti/pav at Dorabjee’s with raspberry soda.
  • Do wander into area around Naaz and Radio restaurants. Besides classic mouthwatering food you’ll also find yourself enjoying some old shops, buildings and busy markets to fancy your lens
  • Observe the clash between the old and new buildings. How the old ones are more artistic and ornate compared to the dull and ordinary buildings of today.
  • Venture in the morning before 11am .


Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_02

 Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_04

Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_03

Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_07

 Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_08

Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_09

Pune MG Rd_Vishal Tomar_10

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