Radhe Radhe – Mathura 2016

Mix happiness with lakhs of devotees. Add colors ,scented water, flowers, spiked drinks , faith and spirit of celebration – festival of Holi is what you get. “Radhe radhe” and “Holi hai” are cheered all around and it’s your official ticket to go bonkers in public. How can you not love it.

The Sun set thought…

this picture stirs me up because it was shot in Mumbai. A place I associate with utter chaos. To find such a sight, and people to enjoy it too, in a city always pacing up, is a great experience. These words often ring in my ear when I witness natural such beauty : “to live for freedom, sunshine and a little flower..”

Say “cheese” ladies n gentlemen: its World Photography Day today.

Hi, so what is so special that all you budding photographers are up to today ?…..It’s the ability to freeze a moment in time which would have otherwise been lost in the mundane life, and be able to derive visual and intellectual pleasure from it later on what makes photos so special.

Hazar bar dekho !

It is intriguing the way the magic of the dawn and dusk never ever fails to capture a photographers imagination. I wonder how come, such an every day phenomenon we have seen a million times since our birth still captivates us to such a great extent.

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