Indian Seductress.

I got a lucky chance of attending my first fashion photography workshop ever from a mentor par excellence Mr.Dilip Yande. The theme for the shoot was “Indian Seductress”. The idea was to capture that feminine subtleness of gestures which drives people to passion.

Little street Picassos.

Graffiti puts the art on display indiscriminately, twenty four X seven, for everyone. This adds a huge responsibility on the artist as he is judged by a much varied audience and interpreted in as many ways.

Say “cheese” ladies n gentlemen: its World Photography Day today.

Hi, so what is so special that all you budding photographers are up to today ?…..It’s the ability to freeze a moment in time which would have otherwise been lost in the mundane life, and be able to derive visual and intellectual pleasure from it later on what makes photos so special.

To live for sunshine, freedom and a little flower….

what drives us to kill ? are we still more of animals than human beings ? are we sure that someday we would not die of our own mis-deeds ? While all it takes to be happy are simple and still, free pleasures of life….

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