Radhe Radhe – Mathura 2016

Mix happiness with lakhs of devotees. Add colors ,scented water, flowers, spiked drinks , faith and spirit of celebration – festival of Holi is what you get. “Radhe radhe” and “Holi hai” are cheered all around and it’s your official ticket to go bonkers in public. How can you not love it.

Some of my favorite travel quotes.

there have been some lucky cool folks out there who’ve got/fought for the chance of having the journey of their lifetime and collected their memories in few pearls of wise word. Here’s sharing some of my favorite travel quotes.

The Maha Kumbh 2013

The kumbh mela caught my fancy since bollywood made me realize that its such a place where people, especially twin brothers separate from each other and meet after twenty years with identical tattoos on their arms. No wonder the “bhule-bijhde shivir” or the lost and found camp is the hardest working dept. at the kumbh mela. So me and a friend made an impromptu plan to see if the place is as crazy as it sounds.

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