The ‘hidden’ heritage lanes of Pune.


Pune is the hub of Maharashtrian culture. It is also rich with history and heritage places scattered all over the city.

Most of us are aware of heritage places like Shanivar Wada, Shivaji Bridge and Mahatma Phule Mandai. But, if you look around, and if you like history, like me, you would be delighted to see many old preserved buildings, still in full use scattered all over the city.

One of such places in Pune is called Sadashiv Peth. I wasn’t aware that this place would turn out to be a treasure for a street photographer like me. Sadashiv Peth is full of historical buildings, many at least a hundred years old.

Another thing that I found exciting was that most of them are still functional with people living in them. Many have preserved the old school architecture. Some have modified the old structures to update them with modern amenities like air conditioning and functional doors and facade. It is interesting to see the hybrid of old and new architecture.

So, one fine morning I decided to take a stroll around Tilak road and collect some frames of history for myself. As luck would have it, the light was beautiful that day and I met a lot of helpful strangers who guided me to some really cool looking buildings and places.

This is an ongoing project and will continue to collect more stories about old places from Pune.

Let me know if you have an interesting place I should cover.

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