” A journey is measured in friends rather than miles” – Tim Cahill

This is an attempt to share all the interesting stories of people I’ve come across while on the road .

One at a time.

We often bump into  a lot of people everyday. Some interesting, some outright rude. Some cunning and some sweet as honey. Nevertheless, for a brief moment,  two lives intersect each other.

Generally while traveling we’re more receptive to strangers.

I like to chat with the locals and hear the tales of their  childhood. The fables of the land. The beliefs built by that human being over a lifetime.

Meet Steve Young. This gentleman from New Zealand was traveling bare feet.! I was flabbergasted as a layman and intrigued as a doctor. Upon enquiry he told he’s a farmer and has been living bare feet since many years. Except winters when it’s impossible to do so. His philosophy is that he likes to feel one with the earth. He wants to feel the vibrations and wants the magnetic field of earth to pass through him. Shoes act as an insulation.
His feet were calloused with years of exposure. I forgot to click his feet. Besides, I have no way to send him this picture. Hope the world wide web comes to the rescue.

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