Greater crater – LONAR lake.


One upon a time long long ago, actually 52,000 years ago, a meteor passing earth got curious about this blue gem in space and before it could stop, collided with earth’s surface at Lonar region of Buldhana district in Maharashtra. Hence we got our ‘Lonar Lake’ and ‘Lonar sarovar’

This near circular water body in the small village of Lonar lies unnoticed to the uninitiated. But in reality, it’s one of its kind in the world. It is saline as well as alkaline. It attracts research projects from Smithsonian institute in United States to Geological society of India.

The slope around the lake is covered with thick forest. Hidden within this cover of greens is a chain of temples all around the periphery of the crater. There are 14 temples in all, the locals told me. The temples are being restored gradually. Only one is in regular use. All the temples have intricate carvings, but sadly so, they didn’t get any mercy from the hooligan lovers who believe that vandalizing historic monuments is the only way to make their love historic. Very sad.

On a Saturday I was surprised to find that I was the only soul visiting this natural monument. I felt like Mowgli left in the jungle, discovering the ways of the bushes. There are pathways leading to temples all around the lake.

The jungle is pretty untouched and one can find lots of centipedes of all sizes, dung beetles, langoors, flies and mosquitoes to keep you company.

There are lots of peacocks on the road surrounding the lake. Its a delight to see such ,magnificent birds loitering around in the nature, unlike the zoo caged ones we see otherwise. Peacocks are alert and shy creatures, difficult to click. And honestly, I was running out of patience.

The serenity that the lake side provides is unmatched. You can see a green carpet of farm land and more for as far as your eyes can go all around the lake.

Besides the lake there are a couple of temples that one can go to. There is a water spring of mysterious origin called ‘Lonar sarovar’ the first thing that you see once you reach Lonar.

The whole place can be easily covered in span of hours, unless one wishes to relax a couple of days in the MTDC resort near the lake.

The village itself is nothing to boast off. Shabby little town-ish place full of chaos and bad roads.

Pro tips :

  • Get your bus booking/train bookings sorted. There are limited trains to and from Lonar.
  • Try to book the MTDC resort. Its the best there. Besides, there are only handful of lodges to choose from. One can easily book from online hotel booking apps.
  • Gear up to walk a bit. Covering the circumference, viewing the lake from the watch towers,descending to the shore and climbing up can be quiet exhausting.
  • There are no good eating places. Carry packed food.
  • Hitch hike  to shorter distances. Public transport is not easy to find.
  • Thankfully cellphone connectivity is good here, at least Vodafone.
  • Aurnagabad is four hours from Lonar by bus, and has many things to see, especially Ajanta and Ellora caves.
  • Carry a really wide angle lens if you want the lake in a single frame.


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Its stone stupas I see at many places these days. Or is it just co incidence ?11_lonar_2016_vishal-tomar

Amar prem katha of today’s civilization, spoiling hundreds of years of history.
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