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Hi everyone. Welcome to my picture tour of Kaas plateau of flowers. Satara is a small town in Maharashtra near which this table of land is situated. (map link). More or less four colors of flowers bloom here for a month every year, between mid September and October. The place is known for a carpet of blossoming flowers not more than ankle high length, and of various colors. White and pink dominate the scapes followed by violet and yellow.

For a city dweller like me this only means a sight for sour eyes. On one hand all color that you come across are mostly red and little green of the traffic lights, or the black and yellow of Mumbai cabs, and on the other this lush splash of colors. Any scene which is only for viewing pleasure and not associated with any tense reaction is a welcome change.

This picture was clicked on the way to Kaas. Makes a hard days journey totally worth it.

Other good thing about the place is that there isn’t much to do. That means you don’t have to rush from a spot to the other and end up more worn out than relaxed on the weekend holiday. The drive from Satara to Kaas is a treat in itself. Lovely panoramas all around. A birds eye view of the town, lakes and forests. Be sure to start early in the morning. I was told that the perfect time to catch the flowers in full beauty is before 8 am. I missed it, hoping to full fill my wish next time. The weather is unpredictable, so it will be advisable to be prepared for rains and sun alike.

Kaas in full bounty !


The other places worth seeing here are the Thoseghar water-falls, Sajjangadh fort and a wind-mill farm. All are located near each other. I was so excited to be in Kaas that decided to skip everything else andspent almost a full day on the plateau. before I could know, the morning glow had turned into a beautiful golden sunset. A day in such pristine air, light, sounds and sight is certain to make you feel younger by a decade..!!  

Here I would like to thank a friend photog, MG_Biker1806 for lending me the wide angle lens and B+W ND filter.

You may find his pictures here :    MG_Biker1806 on flickr

The town of Satara offers ample choices for accommodation and food. The weather could have been a little more pleasant though.

Some tips for shutterbugs:

  • Carry all the equipment that you own. This is one place where you keep the clock aside and shoot to heart’s content.
  • Carry a very low height tripod/ ground pod/ gorilla pod. Very useful.
  • Wide angle lenses if possible, ND filters, CPLs, macro gear.
  • There is no place to charge your battery once drained, on the plateau.
  • Enough water, very imp.
With great power comes great responsibility: Spider-man.

Now since you have made up your mind, marked your dates, read this blog and all set to visit the flowerscapes, it is vital that you also read about eco friendly photography here. Though not a big fan of the govt. services provided in India, this one place makes an exception. For a person like me who equates bad roads, the power cuts and abrupt voltage drops to god sent rains and thunderstorms, about which nothing can a mere mortal like us do, it was a great relief to see forest dept playing active roll to conserve the environment of this place. So play your part, don’t litter/pee/ spit/drive/ stomp over the flowers. Walk on designated walk-ways. Don’t come back home with a bouquet of plucked flowers. They don’t grow domestically is what I have heard.

Alas..it was time to leave

This one journey, for me had been full of anticipation and excitement. I had seen folks experience Kaas since I started photography, and was waiting for my turn. I had missed the chance earlier for some silly reason which I don’t remember..! and the flowers bloom only for a month every year. Finally, been there.

Hope you have a great time, thanks for dropping by, would love to hear from you too.

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Kaas in monochrome :

16 thoughts on “K A A S flowerscapes – 2 0 1 1

  1. simply awesome pics Vishal. I have seen so many photos of kaas taken by so many, but you have presented the place in a very different perspective. Its such a fresh new look to the already overshot place 🙂 Great man! Kudos to you!

    1. thanks bimchum.. i am glad you liked them. even i was bored of the same routine pictures, hence had it at the back of my mind to come home with some fresh pictures…!!

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