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Charity begins at home. So does adventure, I guess. A little trotting off the tar road can lead you to an environment devoid of honking horns , death defying traffic, polluted poisonous air, mobile notifications, over population and scheming distractions.

This kaccha road need not be in the Himalayas or the valley of flowers. It needn’t be an expedition through the Amazon. For me it was as close as a few hours drive of Bombay.

Adventure can happen at many levels. It can test your physical endurance. It can challenge your mental flexibility. It can assess your foresight and execution.

Kaha fas gaya selfie…!

Negotiating a rock face or walking for hours in the wilderness test your fitness of body . Meeting new folks and making merry, tests your ability to belong to a pack, a team which can overcome obstacles seemingly insurmountable. It tests your mind.

I was lucky to have experienced all that in a comfortably short span of time over a weekend.

I had heard of trekking groups being popular thanks to Western mountain ranges. But I had never really thought of participating in any  activities.

The “Trikoners”

Being a story teller at heart and always finding excuse to travel, I never shy away from opportunity to pack my bags and hit the road. With my faithful Canon in hand, every street, every face is just a story waiting to be told.

Till now I wouldn’t venture into the jungle much, mostly because I travel solo.

After all these years, often I missed clicking pictures from a vantage point unexplored, right from the heart of action. I wished to reach where my big camera couldn’t.

Hence I decided to save up for an action camera, the Gopro Hero 4 and couldn’t  wait to start a new chapter.

My first outing with the camera was this. The Prabalmachi Trek. Prabalmachi is little drive off Panvel on the outskirts of Bombay.

Prabalgad Fort, also known as Muranjan and Pradhangad, is located between Matheran and Panvel,  at an elevation of 2300 feet in the Western Ghats.

It was an organised trek by a group called Travel Trikon (Facebook link). I was initially skeptical to head out in the wilderness with strangers, but touch-wood, it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences till date.


We were a bunch of 30 people of all ages. I like meeting people beyond my regular circle of work and friends. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear about how differently people carry on their lives, and develop a unique take at life itself.

From IT professionals, to bankers, to architects, to writers, psychologist, painters,to spiritual healer all gathered for some fresh air in the lap of nature.

Our organizer was jolly good fellow brimming with enthusiasm, discipline, knowledge and maturity. Had it not been for him, the journey would’ve been a lull pretty much.


Me, besides enjoying the trip also had an agenda of documenting it in picture and video. Half the reason for excitement was that I was about to try my new camera , Gopro hero 4. After years of drooling over it’s capabilities, I finally got my hands on one. I couldn’t help but but embarrass myself by running around like a kid, bending in Kung fu poses to get unique viewpoints or sit meditatively while the Gopro recorded a time-lapse.



Of the many firsts, staying in a tent was also a new experience. I had never stayed in a tent. The sense of security , probably trivial, but nevertheless present, provided a great relief after a tiring walk. Though I’m in awe of people who ditched there comfort of the cozy and danced their way through the night. I retired after a little into the night because I had to click everything you from the break of dawn.

Kaha fas gaya selfie…!

Light breathes fresh air into ones mind and soul, through his eyes. I was super charged after a near comatose sleep. What better way to start the day with a friend meditating outside your tent, and a cover of clouds and mountains in the backdrop. Perfect photographer’s delight.

IMG_8965_6_7_tonemapped shrink

IMG_8932_3_4_tonemapped shrink

I spent the rest of of the day recording as much as possible.



All in all, the trip ended on a good note. It was a satisfying experience, at many levels.


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  1. Nice work surgeon saheb.. Keep it up.. Did nt recognise anyone but i think everyone will recognise ur beautiful work.. All the best pal..

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