Velas – ride back in time.

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It’s a funny world we are living in these days. We are the chaos. We live in an environment made completely by us, but un fortunately, against us. We cut trees, grow deserts and invent air conditioning. We build atomic clocks and measure nanoseconds, but don’t find enough time to play, sleep, eat, relax, love. Meeting friends and family without any business  is now ridiculed as waste of time. We have the world’s information at our finger tips, but no clue of where are we heading mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically.

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It so happened a week back with me, that my head, after work, felt like sandwich run over by a mad bulldozer from all the commotion. Luckily the next day I decided to set back. After a little pondering, I hit the road solo. I escaped from the belly of this essential but evil monster called metropolis. It was just me, the road, and my bike then. I let the sun be my clock and wind, skies, rolling hills and shy beaches my new friends and hunger pangs deciding my stop overs. Absolute, un adulterated adventure.

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The Olive Ridley Turtle, Velas is famous for.


The excuse for this journey was to reach Velas. It’s a little village with a beach, near Harihareshwar on the west coast, Konkan, in Maharashtra, about 250 km from Mumbai. Its famous for two months a year for its turtle fest. Its home to this turtle conservatory which collects the eggs layed by the turtles on the beach and puts them in a secured nest and protect them till they hatch. They leave the turtles once they come out of their eggs, and it is this activity of safely initiating the turtles to the mighty sea that people come to witness.

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It was tiring a bit riding so long in the day after a long time, but it was totally worth it. Velas beach is secluded, clean and picturesque.  Tall trees, radiant white waves, no hint of urbanization till the eyes can see make for a landscape fit for an artists canvas.

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Velas_vishal tomar_06Day ends early in Velas. So far I had just enjoyed being on the road but now, it was inevitable to find a roof for the night. After a few recommendations I decided to checkout this local residents home turned MTDC lodge. And my decision could’nt have been better. It is run by a warm welcoming family. Its well maintained, clean, and reasonably priced and has basic amenities. After a long day I was looking the exact opposite of my room; covered with oil and grime, tired and hungry.

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Velas_vishal tomar_07My Cellphone lost network reception work in Velas. There is no cyber café. No wi-fi hotspots. Hence, no watsapp, no Facebook , no e mail, no twitter, no overload of information, no worries. It was like my mind was decompressing. I actually used the PCO to call home and realized the value of meaningful conversation of a few minutes each time a coin slipped into the red box. It was pure bliss to immerse yourself in the silence.

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The difference is obviously visible. For some time, there were so many neighbors in the front yard that I didn’t know whom the house belonged to. My dinner was prepared at a neighbor’s house. Folks still  have cows and buffaloes in their backyard. The most modern gadget I came across in the households is the TV and CFL bulbs. Locals hardly travel in motor vehicles.

After dinner I spent my time chasing fire flies…!

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The people of the village are friendly too. Rarely do I get welcomed when clicking pictures on the streets. But here, people truly enjoyed interacting with me and had real getting their pictures clicked and speaking about their life in Velas.

Guide book stuff :

1. When to go : for the turtle fest, the time of the year varies every year, and lasts for approximately 2 months. This year it will last till April end.

2. Where to stay : Mr. Omkar Upadhyay runs the MTDC lodge, the best option. call : 02350 220329/220328/8308360387. rs. 300 per head.

3.About turtle fest : reach the beach at 6 in the eve and 7 in the morning see the turtles.

4. Other places to see : fort in Bankot, Harihareshwar temple, Srivardhan, Diveghar.

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Meet Deepak Pawar. He believes there is a monkey in his farm who collects mangoes for him and his family....and speaks in a sing along voice..!!
Meet Deepak Pawar. He believes there is a monkey in his farm who collects mangoes for him and his family….and he speaks in a sing a song accent..!!

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  1. Hello, I am so glad to see this blog, I was reading about it this morning – Velas. Nice clicks. It looks like we all need to de-clutter. Glad you did it…Tc

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