Waiting for the ride. (monochrome)

I clicked this photo when i was strolling around with a friend near talegaon station. my expedition had came to an almost end and it was a little tiring but very exiting morning for both of us. thats when i happened to spot him lost deep in his thoughts, waiting for a train ride, or may be already riding his last journey in his mind. The idea was to get as candid snap as possible but not without his permission. hence i called him and just as he turned, before his mind could put up a plastic face, i captured the shot.

The most challenging thought that came to my mind when shooting this portrait was the absence of eyes in the photograph.

a portrait lives by its eyes. thats what most of the time makes or breaks a portrait photo. hence, here i have tried to do full justice to the remaining features of the gentleman to keep the intrestingness alive.

i hope it turns out to better than my previous attempts.

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