” A journey is measured in friends rather than miles” – Tim Cahill

This is an attempt to share all the interesting stories of people I’ve come across while on the road .

One at a time.

We often bump into  a lot of people everyday. Some interesting, some outright rude. Some cunning and some sweet as honey. Nevertheless, for a brief moment,  two lives intersect each other.

Generally while traveling we’re more receptive to strangers.

I like to chat with the locals and hear the tales of their  childhood. The fables of the land. The beliefs built by that human being over a lifetime.

Shri Dikshit Ratna ji

I had the fortune of meeting a Jain monk right in on the first day of our travel in Gujrat. We were staying at one of the many dharamshalas at Palitana, a major Jain pilgrimage. The fact that the monk was only slightly elder to me made restless with curiosity as to why would someone renounce worldly possessions at such a young/productive age.

It was memorable to discuss the workings of life with someone almost your age, and young at that. He was a qualified engineer living in Mumbai before renouncing worldly ways and delicate himself to search of spirituality. His family had been supportive of his off the beaten path decision. They themselves had been staunch followers on this school of spiritualism since generations.

Travel, at times exposes you to such people that you start questioning your own understanding of the world around you. They offer you new challenges, if the conversation is taken in the ride stride.

I wish all the very best to Ratna ji in his spiritual pursuits.

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