Last monsoon when I went exploring around my house, I was surprised to find the picturesque Asangaon. If that was a treat, this Haji Malang bike ride was an extravaganza. It’s a place of pilgrimage roughly 20km from Kalyan. The trip rushes you out of the city cacophony into the wild within a few minutes flat. A superb spot for a evening get away, or a day picnic. The place is well connected by public transport from Kalyan railway station. The roads are terrible in the first few km, but become excellent later on.

To reach the place of worship is a trek in itself, atleast a one day affair. In the few jaw dropping hours that we had before sunset, we tried to muster as many pictures of the scenic locales as we could. We reached the base of the hill from where the climb starts, and the day ended. While writing this, I feel a strong urge to checkout the mountains and the trek entirely before this season ends. Inshallah. Till then, hope you enjoy the following.

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