Won the Photoract 2018 competition.!

Photoractt 2018 1This is kind of a late post. But formalities aside, I can’t contain my excitement while announcing that your’s truly has been awarded the top prize in ‘Emotion” category of a nationwide photography competition held by the Rotaract club of Sayajinagri, Vadodara, Gujrat.

So, it so happened that I stumbled upon their call for entries advertisement on Instagram. It was a not a very expensive competition to enter, so I sent my entries a few days before the last date and forgotten completely about it.

Then one fine evening I get a call from the president of the club saying that they want high-resolution pictures for printing. So far, I’m just glad that some of my pictures will see the light of the day. I had no clue that they wanted to verify the entries for any photo-manipulation before I could be finalised as the winner.

The next day, my morning begins with news that I had bagged the top prize..!

The smile on my face is still palpable.

So somehow, I managed to squeeze time off my drudgery and took an overnight bus to Vadodara. This was my first time visiting the city, so I was excited about the exhibition, the award, people, food and new friends I was going to make..!

Photoract 2018

Photoract is a photography competition organised by the Rotaract club of Sayajinagri, Vadodara. Rotaract club is the youth wing of the Rotary Club which is a branch of an international organisation called Rotary International.

Rotary International organizes fundraiser events all over the world, the proceeds of which are spent on charity. Photoract was one such event, of which I am glad to be part of.

The exhibition was held in Fine Arts Exhibition Hall, Maharaja Sayajirao University campus, Vadodara.

All in all, it was a fantastically organized event. There were 100 pictures printed, framed and put up on the walls all in the span of a few days.!

Unlike amateurish event organizers, the team Photoract 2018 did an excellent job of running the show smoothly. Everything ran on time and logistics were well thought of. The whole team was super courteous and on their toes all the time. The enthusiasm was infectious. Not only did we feel welcomed, the team also made sure that we see their city highlights too before leaving.

It was a pleasure to chat with renowned professional photographer Mr Manish Lakhani who gave first-hand insight into the life of a traveller-photographer.

The organizers had also bagged huge sponsors like Himalaya Men, Subway, The Baroda Residency and other local cafes and shops offering lucrative discount coupons. There was in total rs. 40,000 as cash prize divided among six winners, besides the goodies.

Before I could realise, the weekend was over and it was time to board the returning bus. But that was only after stuffing ourselves with finger-licking street delicacies and bidding byes to our new found photographer friends.

I thank Rotaract club of Sayajinagri for memories that I’ll always cherish.

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Photoractt 2018 5

Photoractt 2018 2

Photoractt 2018 3

Photoractt 2018 4

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Photoractt 2018 9


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