Droen slefie beach

WPC travel photographer of the year award..! Wohooo..!

This is like a super late post, as always, having got caught up in all sorts of distractions besides blogging.

So, better late than never, I’m so glad to tell you guys that World Photographers Club, a magazine and a website dedicated to encouraging photography, based in India, adjudged one of the pictures I entered for a travel photography competition as the best entry of the year..! Yippie…!!

WPC bbog update

They were cool enough to send a beautiful trophy. Interestingly, it was ordered from ‘Trophykart.in‘ I did not know there was as service dedicates to shipping trophies online.

It feels so great when your obsession is also appreciated by people at large. It magnifies the satisfaction of your hobby manifold.

About the said picture. It was shot at Gokarna beach on a blistering sunny afternoon which otherwise is considered the worst time for clicking pictures. Yes, clicked it with a drone. That little creature in white chaddi is yours’s truly.


Thanks for your time.

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See you soon..!



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